New Toyota Prius+ Quotes


The Prius+ is a surprisingly pleasant drive, considering its main selling point is its low running costs and economically friendly values. There’s an element of body roll through corners but you’d expect that in an a car of this style Another positive aspect is the ride, which soaks up bumps very well and the electronically assisted power steering is accurate and direct. The Prius+ will go from 0-62mph in 11.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 103mph. Peak power is 134bhp when combining the 97bhp output of the 1.8-litre petrol engine with the 60kW output of the electric motor.

Running Costs

Toyota’s main priority with the Prius+ was fuel economy and given the car’s bulk, a claimed figure of 70mpg is astounding. By emitting just 96g/km of CO2 it qualifies for free road tax, too – something none of its rivals can match. With these emission figures and mpg, the Prius+ truly is an outstandingly economically friendly vehicle that is more than capable of saving the driver a few pennies.


The Prius+ has two levels of trims available, both featuring a very impressive list of features. The ‘base’ spec T4 boasts 16- low, Toyota’s Touch stereo system, six speakers for the stereo, and Bluetooth set for hands free connectivity and music streaming. The top spec T Spirit includes everything on the T4, plus larger 17-inch alloy wheels, Touch and Go which adds sat-nav to the system mentioned before, an eight speaker stereo, a more advanced Bluetooth system with traffic information, voice recognition with a text-to-speech function and leather upholstery.