New Tesla Model S Quotes


Simplicity and power are key characteristics of the Tesla Model S. With its capability to do 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds thanks to the 416bhp electric motor and top speed of 125mph, you could forget you were driving an electric if it wasn’t for the incredibly quiet cabin and the fact there is only one forward gear. The optional air suspension also enables a very comfortable drive while the responsive steering makes for an engaging drive. To experience the ride for yourself, book a test drive at your local dealership through this website.

Running Costs

A government grant reduces the asking price of the Model S by £5,000 which is the first incentive. The car is also road tax and congestion charge exempt, with the additional fact that charging is obviously a lot cheaper than filling up with fossil fuels. The Dual Chargers option will also make charging even cheaper.


The Model S has luxury car status which means it comes with plenty of kit, improving convenience, safety, comfort and entertainment. Powered seats, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, 17-inch touchscreen with Satellite Navigation incorporating Google Maps and Online radio all come as standard. To find out about the full range of equipment featured in the Model S order a brochure through this website.