New Suzuki car Quotes New Suzuki car Quotes

New Suzuki car Quotes

The story of Suzuki started in 1909 when Michio Suzuki set up a loom factory in his native Hamamatsu. In 1929 the Japanese entrepreneur invented a new type of weaving machine and filed for 120 patents as his inventions blazed trails in its field. When Suzuki turned his hand to car manufacturing it was clear he would continue with the same innovative zeal. After the war and a hiatus in automotive manufacturing, the company set about “Power Bicycle", a bicycle fitted with a motor and the inaugural double sprocket gear system. This latest piece of ingenuity propelled the Suzuki brand Suzuki Motor Corporation was born in 1954. Since these formative years Suzuki have carried on the spirit of innovation in both motorbike and car manufacture.

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