New Peugeot Ion Quotes


The car is powered by a 47-kilowatt or 64bhp electric motor fed by a 16 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. With a range of 93 miles the iOn has strong acceleration and it quick at nipping around town speeds and it has an instantly available 140lb ft of torque making it feel faster. The automatic gearbox has a single gear making its running smooth and it is relatively noiseless.The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is powered by the same battery technology but it has less pulling power and can manage 80mph at full speed whereas the Peugeot will run a top speed of close to 90mph, book to test drive the power of the Peugeot’s torque at

Running Costs

The ion has excellent running costs as it has zero tailpipe emissions which makes the Peugeot exempt from car tax and congestion charges in central London. Similarly it is eligible for £5,000 as part of a government grant for electric vehicles scheme. Charging the car for 5 hours will cost around £2 but fast charging bays will put the car to nearly full running in half an hour. As there are less moving parts in the car, servicing should be on the affordable side too. It also outshines the i-MiEV with entry level price as it starts at £28,499 where the iOn comes in at £26,216.


The equipment in this model is surprisingly well stocked, as it gets OSB connectivity, CD stereo, electric windows, central locking and climate control. It has a 4* NCAP rating and multiple airbags and stability control making it an incredibly safe driving experience.Full safety features and specs of the iOn are in our brochure.