New Peugeot 2008 Quotes


There’s a range of 8 different engines across the 2008 series, a punchy starter is the 1.6L e-HDi diesel with either 91bhp or 113bhp. Either of these will make a noticeable difference rom the 1.6L petrol engine, both are available for test drive.The 2008 Feline e-hdi 115 has a surprising boost of acceleration doing 0-60mph in 10.2 seconds and a top speed at 117mph, making it more suited to higher speeds than others in the range.Comparitively the MINI Cooper D Countryman runs 0-60mph 10.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 115mph. Slowest in similar comparison is the Skoda Yeti is the 0-60mph in 12.2 seconds and its top speed only hits 109mph.

Running Costs

If looking for straight up efficiency the 1.6L e-HDi diesel is the best engine in the range, with low Co2 emissions of 98g/km and a startling fuel economy of 74.3mpg. As the emissions are so low, the car will not qualify for road tax and lowers the running cost even further. Again it overshadows the Skoda and MINI equivalents at their Co2 emissions are 115g/km and 119km/h and they return 64.2mpg and 61.4mpg respectively.The entry level 1.4 HDi diesel performs just as well, with a fuel economy of 70.6mpg but it’s the petrol engines that don’t manage as well. The best is the 1.2 VTi claiming 57.6mpg at 82bhp but it’s the e-HDi with its reasonable £18,995 start price and low running costs that present the best option.