An automotive company with a lineage stretching back 200 years, Peugeot remains a popular choice with drivers of all backgrounds. The father of Peugeot, Jean-Pierre Peugeot, was born in 1734 and it was his grain mill which was transformed by sons Jean-Pierre II and Jean-Frediric into a steel foundry to make all kinds of steel products. This spirit of innovation and fascination with all things mechanical was passed down to Jean-Pierre’s grandson Armand Peugeot who created the company’s first steam powered three-wheeler. Peugeot’s first mass-produced car was unveiled 40 years later with the introduction of the 201 in 1929. This numbering tradition continues today with the 208, 308 and 508 on the Peugeot roster. Peugeot’s thirst for innovation has not abated with the launch of the fully electric concept car, the EX1, the ‘double bubble’ roof of the RCZ Coupe and the 100% electric car the Peugeot Ion.

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