New Nissan Leaf Quotes


Despite its electric nature the engine has a pull of torque at 254Nm straight from touching the accelerator which makes its 11.0 seconds 0-60mph run look and feel much more impressive. As its power is readily available, it is a speedy model around town with sharp handling. The Leaf is available for test driving, book an appointment now at The Leaf is set for comparison against the Toyota Auris HSD Hybrid and the VW Golf Bluemotion diesel, and in terms of performance it synchronises well with the Auris Hybrid as it matches its 0-60mph sprint of 11.0 seconds and both of their top speeds are around 90mph.

Running Costs

No petrol means no fuel bills and the model is exempt from road tax due to no Co2 emissions, and the electricity charges are low and should only add £257 a year to the electricity bill. Although both the Auris and the VW Bluemotion are also exempt from road tax they both run on fuel and so will be less cost effective in the long run.


The Leaf is available across three different trim levels which all come well equipped, starting with the Visia trim which comes with hill-start assist, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlights, keyless entry and sat-nav. An added bonus is the ability to use a smartphone app to remotely monitor the car’s charging progress too. Top of the range is the Tekna which has added specs of a seven-speaker Bose Audio efficiency hi-fi system and a series of cameras around the outside of the car to help with manoeuvring at low speed. Comprehensive details of the specifications for each of the trims is available from our brochure.