New Nissan GT-R Quotes


This may well be the fastest practical car to own, as the GT-R uses a 480bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine. Statistically the GT-R will steam 0-60mph in about 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of about 195mph. It streaks ahead of both the Audi R8 which runs 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 187mph and the Jaguar XKR-S which does the same 0-60mph sprint and has a slower top speed of 174mph. Book to test drive the GT-R at

Running Costs

Although fuel consumption on this model will be high, due to its high bhp and sheer power, it is much better value for money than its rival manufacturers. For example even though its Co2 emissions are higher than the BMW and the Audi, its starting price at around £54,000 comes well below their entry prices at nearly £80,000 and £78,000 respectively, so cumulatively the GT-R will be a much more cost effective buy. It is worth considering too that the resale values of the Nissan model will be strong and the Nissan High Performance Centres offer excellent servicing assistance.


There are four trim levels with the GT-R with all levels equipped with, 20" alloy wheels, a six-speed dual-clutch transmission with paddle shifts, leather seats, electronic climate control and cruise control. In the top end Premium Editorion trim there are added extra features of a Bose audio sound system, automatic headlamps and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a comprehensive list of features across all four trim levels, which can be found in detail in our brochure.