New Maserati Granturismo Quotes


The GranTurismo is a fantastic vehicle that will enthral any passionate driver by clinging to the road no matter the speed. It sweeps and turns through corners with precision and composure – an extremely proud and efficient vehicle. The standard 4.2-litre V8 engine delivers sufficient urge to satisfy the most demanding driver, boasting the 62mph benchmark rate in just 5.2 seconds. The S models get a more powerful 4.7-litre V8 engine with 433bhp. This drops the 0-62mph time to just 4.9 seconds – an incredibly impressive feat!

Running Costs

The GranTurismo is an exotic, powerful car which will not be directed towards the average buyer. Of course, a car of this quality and power has to suffer some shortfalls, and it’s clear to see those in terms of mileage per gallon. Fuel economy is just 19mpg, and a lacklustre 17mpg on the S model and CO2 emissions are fairly high at 387g/km. However, the smaller 4.2-litre model is slightly better, with a figure of 19.7mpg, being the most cost effective and environmentally friendly version of the GranTurismo available.


The GranTurismo has various levels of trims available, all featuring a very impressive list of features including Maserati’s multi-media system, which ensures the GranTurismo lacks little by way of information and entertainment. Working via a seven-inch screen, it includes a CD player, satellite navigation, radio and onboard computer. The dual-zone automatic climate control has rear air outlets and an automatic sensor reduces air humidity if glass surfaces start to mist.