New Maserati Grancabrio Quotes


The GranCabrio feels just like a lightweight, agile sports car that looks incredible and comes with one of the greatest sounding engines on the market, a 4.7-litre Ferrari-developed V8, which offers acceleration from 0-62mph in around five seconds. The GranCabrio is comfortable and refined over long distances and there’s even space for four adults – a stylish and powerful vehicle.

Running costs

The GranCabrio is an exotic, powerful car which will not be directed towards the average buyer. Of course, a car of this quality and power has to suffer some shortfalls, and it’s clear to see those in terms of mileage per gallon. The official fuel economy is 14.5mpg, which means you’ll burn through every drop of fuel in the 75-litre fuel tank pretty quickly, however the GranCabrio is a car that shouldn’t be judged on its fuel economy but on its sheer style and power.


The GranCabrio has various levels of trims available, all featuring a very impressive list of feature and boasting all of the latest electronic gadgets, airbags and seatbelt tech fitted as standard. Also included are a 173-litre boot and an electric roof mechanism. The roof can raise or lower itself at speeds of up to 20mph, with the whole process taking around 25 seconds.