New Lotus Elise Quotes


The Lotus Elise triumphs with its extremely efficient steering, which results in fantastic accuracy and amount of feel through the wheel. The car is also extremely light and agile, making it one of the finest cars on the road. The 111R engine boasts190bhp and reaches 0-62mph in just 5.2 seconds. Top of the range is Elise SC which uses a 134bhp Toyota engine, but with power pushed to a very impressive 220bhp.

Running Costs

Considering the performance it offers, the Elise is extremely affordable to run. The standard Elise with relatively small engine and lightweight body mean fuel economy is an amazing 45mpg. The more extreme Elise S is equally surprising; with supercar performance but a fuel-sipping 37.5mpg figure. CO2 emissions are fairly low as well, with just 175g/km produced.


The Lotus Elise has various levels of trims available, all featuring a very impressive list of features. All models feature central locking, an alarm, immobiliser, alloy wheels, electric windows, a CD stereo and twin airbags. Lotus also offer options packs such as the Touring Pack, which adds items such as leather seats, leather interior trim, leather steering wheel and a iPod stereo connection, and the Sport Pack which offers traction control, sports dampers and sports seats.