New Land Rover Discovery Quotes


PerformanceThe Discovery uses a 256bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine with 500Nm worth of torque, pulling it through almost any terrain.It will run 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds which is a surprise considering the car’s size and it boasts a top speed of 112mph. Its speed and power make it perfect for travelling on and off road so it will suit any buyer needs, to see these results yourself, book a test drive now at

Running Costs

As the only engine available is the 3.0-litre diesel turbo engine, the road tax on the Discovery might be higher than would be desired. It produces 244g/km of CO2 emissions.However, it redeems itself with a return of 30mpg on diesel, which stacks well above its main competitors. The Land Rover starts at a reasonable £43,385.


The best superficial thing about the Discovery is that is comes fully kitted out, again stacking well against its competitors. It includes optional MeridianTM surround sound systems, digital 360-degree view for safer parking and maneuvering, and an impressive sat nav system including off road capabilities.The brochure will show further interior bonuses with optional cooler boxes for drinks, and full tyre specifications including snow chains, snow caps and front mud flaps.