New Lamborghini Aventador Quotes


The V12 engine in the Aventador guarantees the ultimate in driving thrills with each gear change giving you a powerful shove in the back. It reaches 0-60mph in an epic 2.9 seconds and is capable of reaching an eye-watering 217mph. The handling is surprisingly effective considering the power the Aventador is packing. The steering is responsive and direct and adds to the cars agility. To experience the excitement for yourself book a test drive at your local dealership through this website.

Running Costs

Lamborghini have tweaked the V12 to make it around 20 per cent more fuel efficient than the V12 found in the Murcielago. It’s still pretty thirsty as you would expect and the CO2 levels are high at 398g/km but with a 90 litre fuel tank the range is very good. There are six dealers nationwide to make servicing not too much of a hassle.


The Aventador is very generously equipped with pretty much everything you would want in a performance car. There’s a high spec infotainment system, transparent engine cover to give an unobstructed view of the V12 engine and alloy wheels. On top of the standard package there are plenty of optional extras and customisation possibility to make the Aventador truly yours. Order a brochure through this website to see full details.