New Dacia car Quotes New Dacia car Quotes

New Dacia car Quotes

Part of the Renault group but originally hailing from Romania and still the country’s bigger exporter, the Dacia brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Dacia made its name with the 1300 model. The model’s modernity and reliability proved popular with Romanians kick-starting the brand’s dominance in the country’s automotive market. Dacia produces cars of quality with spacious interiors at low prices. Dacia’s ethos of cleverly sourcing the basic essentials while using proven technology has earned its flagship Duster model a raft of awards. Dacia was also France fifth best-selling car brand in 2011. Along with the “shockingly" affordable Duster 4x4, Dacia also proudly launched the Sandero hatchback. The Sandero screams value while providing space and comfort for all the family.

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