New Citroën C Zero Quotes


With only accelerator and brake pedals the fully electric C-Zero could not be simpler to drive. Its self-charging battery also adds to the charm of this thoroughly modern car for the modern city dweller. A range of 93 miles and top speed of 83 mph means the C-Zero is ideally suited to everyday trips and has strong smooth acceleration to make the commute that bit easier. The electric motor generates 48kW and is powered by a lithium ion battery. Book a test drive through us to find out for yourself what the future of city motoring feels like.

Running Costs

Ridding yourself of the habit of checking petrol station prices is the only problem with running a C-Zero. Lease options include a four-year period or 40,000 miles at £400 which means you don’t have to worry about battery life or Citroën offer the C-Zero for £21,238.33 (excl. VAT). Such is the government’s keenness on electric cars, tax breaks, congestion zone exemption as well as a range of extra financial incentives add to the cars appeal. With the C-Zero, Citroën aim to provide a truly affordable electric car to lead automotives responsibly into the future.


Order a brochure from us to see the range of equipment on offer with the C-Zero. Air-conditioning and power steering are fitted to ensure the C-Zero is perfect for urban driving and, inevitably, electric windows come as standard. Fitted with Bluetooth as standard and offering the new Citroën eTouch, unparalleled inbuilt communication us available. Safety features include six airbags, ESP, and ABS to electronically control braking pressure to prevent wheel blockage.