New Caterham Super Sevens Quotes


The Caterham Super Seven offers a level of handling and steering response that is beautifully resolved, communicative and responsive. The current model range relies upon the Rover K-Series engine in various states of tune from 105bhp to 250bhp all from a maximum of 1.8 litres, making this car an extremely powerful and efficient car to cruise across a track with. Truly one for the petrol-heads and collectors, the Super Seven is a gem.

Running Costs

Being a sports car, expectations would be that the Super Seven is expensive to run. However, the car is extremely strong and offers an awful lot of power, although this does mean a shortfall when it comes to fuel economy. Ultimately, it depends on how far the car is pushed. Being a niche car, the likelihood is that the Super Seven will only appeal to those petrol-heads who don’t care about mpg.


The Caterham Super Seven is somewhat of a unique car in terms of equipment. Base spec includes a padded bench seat, no windscreen and even paint is a cost option. More expensive models have more equipment but options lists are extensive allowing owners to tailor their Super Seven to suit. Upgrading is common place over time and most Caterham owners are continually evolving the specification of their car, meaning two are rarely the same.