New BMW I3 Quotes


As the i3 is the first all-electric car from BMW and it has been built to be an entirely relaxing ride, it is also available with a motorcycle engine, to keep the batteries consistently topped up. Its size is around the same as a Ford Fiesta but its performance is infinitely superior as there are no gears in the i3, making driving forgiving as the engine won’t be clattering around. Also, due to the batteries being in the floor, the car handles well. It can manage a 0-60mph run in 7.2 seconds and can reach a top speed of 100mph, much better than the Vauxhall Ampera’s 0-60mph time of 8.7 seconds, although it reaches a similar top speed of 99mph when pushed. To test the i3’s performance, book a test drive at

Running Costs

Choosing the full-electric model will mean that charging the batteries overnight will cost around £9 per month and without a starter, fuel system, engine oil, air filer or a clutch, the servicing costs will be minimal to none. Just in case, the i3 comes with a three year warranty, with the batteries having their own 8-year warranty as well.

These savings see the i3 come out well on top of the Vauxhall Ampera, which will incur servicing costs due its petrol necessities and it has a starting price at around £35,000, coming in at £10,000 more expensive than the i3.


Despite its reasonable price and running costs, the i3 comes with a surprising amount of standard equipment with 19-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth interfacing, DB radio, Satellite Navigation, climate control and rear parking sensors. There are plenty of extra optional packages across the model, including leather seats, a rear-view park assist camera and adaptive LED headlights. There are a comprehensive amount of specifications across all of the i3’s packages and to see full details please have a look at our i3 brochure.