New BMW car Quotes New BMW car Quotes

New BMW car Quotes

Known and respected for being reliable, comfortable and always stylish, the large BMW family has something to offer all drivers. From the 1 Series to the 7 Series, through the Z4 and the M6, BMW provide excellence in engineering, design and driving. BMW’s proud history began in Munich in 1916 as an aircraft manufacturing company. The launch of BMW’s first car, the Dixi, helped the company survive the 1930s depression. Never resting on its laurels the brand continued to produce cars through the war and unveiled a line of classic car models. Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works have built a reputation for quality, dependable cars and were listed as the number one most reputable car company by in 2012. BMW is famous for its dedication to design and engineering and, in their words, creating the “Ultimate Driving Machine".

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