New Aston Martin Rapide S Quotes


The Rapide S comes with the same 6.0-litre V12 engine as the Rapide but it boasts an extra 80bhp output taking it up to 630bhp which statistically means that it will now run 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and has a top speed of 190mph. The Rapide S’ new lower end engine position makes for improved front-end turn in and steering is light and extremely accurate which means that despite its size, it copes well on both straight motorway and bendy mountain roads. Book to test drive the Rapide S’ performance now at

Running Costs

The running costs of the S are marginally improved from the Rapide model as it can manage 19.9mpg and its CO2 emissions have dropped to 332g/km. The Rapide S does have a large purchase price, starting at around £149,950 but there are a lot of extras included with the price that its Porsche rival cannot match and considering the improvement in performance of the Rapide S, it’s almost a bargain.


Standard equipment is in plentiful supply with the Rapide S, including all leather interior, satellite navigation, climate control, stability control, Bluetooth telephone preparation, heated front seats and heated rear screen. With a standard 1000 watt Bang and Olufsen sound system on deck, iPod connector and optional twin-screen rear-seat entertainment system with six-disc DVD player the Rapide S is well-equipped with an anti-theft tracking device. For a full list of the standard and optional specifications, have a look through our brochure.