A Scottish survey has proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes down to a driver’s ability.This result is probably going to shock a lot of us, but should it?
How often do we see older drivers dragging their Micra into the inside line to undercut the trundling teenager? Not a lot.The results however, didn’t go as far as to indicate which age group of drivers are the best, or which sex; instead it proved that as Martin Haggarty of Accident Claims Scotland put it: “You can’t judge drivers according to age or sex."Out of all seven (not a particularly seminal number for an experiment but nevertheless) participants, only two managed to pass their ‘second’ test, and they were a man and a woman, aged 50 and 23 respectively.The findings therefore have brought a lot of stereotypes in to question, and rightly so. One of the passing participants would be found in the most lucrative insurance band of the 17-25 year old driver, yet she was the most ‘cautious and observant’ to partake. One was a female, presumably parking wasn’t on the test?It seems then that many of the injustices felt on the road are more than likely borne out of our own impatience and individual faults on the road, rather than the perceived reputation of other road users.The findings fall into line with another recent survey that stated how road offences were often made despite a driver’s intention to drive within the parameters of the road.It pointed towards an individual tendency to flout laws rather than being affected by other drivers, causing us to speed up, slow down, change lanes etc.Clearly then, all of our standard back catalogue of road rage phrases have become redundant in light of this research, and therefore ripe for re-writing...Well, almost. The oldest driver managed to fail for passing through a red light.