The Renault Fluence The Renault Fluence

Without going into the obvious features of the Renault Fluence like the length of the car, number of seats etc, this blog will focus on the small details such as warranty, battery range that sort of thing.

In a recent test drive we got a more in depth look into the new Renault Fluence.


Renault supplies a standard charging cable which can be connected to public charge points or a home installed Wall-Box.

This home Wall-Box will cost about £800 and is the quickest and easiest way to charge the four-door electric saloon. A complete charge only takes six-eight hours. A trained electrician is needed to install this and Renault will put you in touch with them.

Renault also offers an optional lead that that can be used to plug into a domestic 220V power supply at your home. This takes slightly longer at 10-12 hours, but is a more convenient and less expensive option.

Things to do with the Battery

Leasing - What most people don't know is that when you buy the Renault Fluence the battery is not inside the car, not yet anyway. You have to lease the battery from Renault.

New replacement idea - Renault have a new idea that instead of recharging the cars battery you can swap it for a fully charged one at a battery replacement station, which takes less than five minutes. This is only an idea at the moment and whether or not it will go worldwide is unknown.

The cost of the stations could be an issue but if Renault can really create a network where batteries can be swapped for a fully charged one in the time it takes a conventional car to fill up with petrol.


With the Fluence customers get a vehicle warranty of two years/unlimited mileage, or three years/100,000km. It also comes with an Electric drive train warranty of five years/100,000km.

Renault also offer warranty extension options for specifically tailored servicing contracts, which basically means you can work out your own specific warranty to fit your needs.


Range is definitely important with 'green electric cars' - you don't want to be driving somewhere and your car runs out of battery. Renault has said that the range is 115miles, but claims it can be as high as 125miles in the right conditions.

The Fluence also has a feature that if you are running out of battery and are a distance away from a charge point it can limit its own speed so that you don't run out of battery so fast and can either direct the car to a charge point or at the very least out of the way of traffic or other hazards.

Permanent road side assistance

Regardless of what warranty you choose a 24/7 breakdown service is offered. If there is a problem with the cars battery or motor a temporary replacement form of transport will be offered, whether it is a replacement vehicle, a taxi or even accommodation.

This assistance also covers you if the battery of your car goes flat. If this happens your car will be towed to the nearest charge station. This covers you up to a towing distance of 80km.


The car itself - Prices for the Fluence start from about £17,850 for the Expression trim and about £18,700 for the Dynamique trim. This is after the already deducted financial incentive of the government's £5000 grant.

Leasing the battery - Prices for leasing the battery are £81 a month. This cost allows you to travel up to 9,000 miles.


Renault vehicles are available with Perry's Aylesbury dealership

Below are some extra images of the Renault Fluence:

The Fluence head on The Fluence head on
The back seats The back seats
The front seats The front seats
The Fluences surprisingly big boot The Fluences surprisingly big boot