Hello, hello, and welcome to the latest update from the Askaprice.com office.This time around it’s all about great deals on new cars and vans because we have recently (as in today) launched a brand spanking new hot deals section to our website meaning we have yet more exceptional features to help the car (and van) buying public access super cheap deals with the minimum of effort – wonderful.So what’s included in this hot deals section?Well we work alongside the UK’s leading new car dealerships, car dealer groups, car manufacturers, car leasing and finance companies to get you quotes on new cars and deals on used cars so we decided it was about time we had an ace section for the best new car and van deals in the UK, and that’s exactly what we’ve built – go and have a look, it really is quite marvellous - http://www.askaprice.com/new-deals.aspx(Incidentally, if you are a car dealership, car dealer group, car manufacturer, car leasing or finance company and you’re very finest offers aren’t on here then you should absolutely get in touch with us, as in right now, without another moments delay)Thanks for stopping by again and happy saving!Askaprice.com Content TeamFollow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/askaprice