So you’re looking for a new Estate car to transport you, the family and Rover around and about. You’ll have almost certainly been attracted by the large boot space, or the big bit at the back, and the versatility and practicality the extra space will give you over a saloon.Right, so what to buy then? Well with so many new Estate cars on the market it’s difficult to know what to go for from an Estate car, after all most manufacturers do them now. Well here’s our pick of the top Estate cars on the market.1. Skoda Superb EstateSkoda Superb Estate Prices from - £17,720 - £29,420The Skoda Superb recently won the Best Estate car in the Auto Express New Car Awards 2010 and for very good reason. For a start the Skoda Superb is priced very competitively in comparison to other Estate models in the market, it costs the same as many top spec hatchbacks. You’ll also get huge amounts of legroom in the back and with a boot space to match some of the largest and most expensive Estate cars on the market today. Then there’s the range of fantastic engines and equipment levels available throughout the Skoda Superb range.2. Mazda 6 EstateMazda 6 Estate Prices from £19,295 - £23,445Another winner this year, winning the Fleet Awards 2010 Best Estate car, the Mazda 6 offers a sporty estate car with a premium feel inside and out. Far from being just good to look at the Mazda 6 also offers generous equipment levels and great engines as well as an excellent boot space with an automatic tonneau cover. You’ll get a choice of four trim levels with the new Mazda 6 estate and all of them well equipped as standard.3. Vauxhall Insignia EstateVauxhall Insignia Estate Prices from £18,470 - £34,540The Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer Estate is perhaps the best looking of all the estate cars on the market today and the premium look carries on into the interior of the car. The boot space is smaller than the Mazda 6 and Skoda Superb estate but the equipment and trim levels in the Vauxhall are excellent, rivalling even the most expensive premium estate cars on the market. You’ll also get a good choice of diesel and petrol engines across all trim levels.4. VW Passat EstatePrices from £18,995 - £35,620The Volkswagen Passat Estate in addition to world famous reliability offers customers an upmarket Estate car with a practical and versatile cabin and an excellent range of engines. The Passat Estate is also excellent drive and the diesel engines are quiet and refined in comparison to others on the market making the cabin less noise and more comfortable on the move, handy when you’ve got the family and pet pooch on the move.5. Volvo V70Prices from £24,235 - £37,980Certainly the most expensive out of the Estate cars featured in this list but we really couldn’t have missed the Volvo from it. The V70 is a fine example of Volvo doing what they do best, a refined and comfortable Estate car with world renowned build quality and an incredibly comfortable cabin. The range of engines available is good and a low emission DRIVe model is available and certainly worth a look at your Volvo dealer. There are very few models that can stand close to the Volvo for the money.Follow us on Twitter: