A poo-powered VW Beetle cabriolet has taken to the roads of Bristol with the aim of highlighting the benefits and potential of ‘eco-motoring’.The VW Beetle, or Bio-Bug as its been called, was created by local company GENeco which is part of Wessex Water, and converted to run off processed methane gas generated as part of raw sewage treatment process.GENeco imported specialist cleaning equipment to treat the raw methane gas used to power the Bio-Bug by removing the CO2 content so that the performance or reliability of the car wasn’t affected."It performs like a normal car - you wouldn't know it was powered by biogas," a company spokesman said.Wessex Water engineers’ estimate that around 70 average households’ annual waste would generate enough waste to run the car for 10,000 miles. Around 18 million cubic metres of biogas is produced annually which could power 95,400,000 driving miles per year, saving 19,000 tonnes of CO2.The spokesman added: Our site has been producing biogas for many years which we use to generate electricity to power the site and export to the National Grid."With the surplus gas we had available we wanted to put it to good use in a sustainable and efficient way."We decided to power a vehicle on the gas offering a sustainable alternative to using fossil fuels which we so heavily rely on in the UK."When asked if a special edition would be made that rolls its own dung in front of it, the company declined to comment. Ok so that may not have actually Content TeamFollow us on Twitter –