The Mini chase in the original Italian Job film is the best car chase of all time, according to a recent Classic Film Festival poll.

The 1969 film, which see's a top British cast including Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill attempt a daring robbery, took the top spot ahead of Steve McQueen film Bullitt.

Amazingly, Bullitt actually had two entries in the top three best film chases with the Dodge Charger chase finishing ahead of the Ford Mustang scenes.

The film was famously turned into an advert by Ford, who replaced the classic Mustang with its new (at the time) sporty coupe, the Ford Puma.

However, neither scene could challenge the Italian Job which saw red, white and blue Minis capering around Italy in one of the most famous car chase scenes of all time.

The scene has probably gone a long way to securing Mini's status as one of the most iconic car brands in the world and led to an entirely new generation being produced by owners BMW in recent years.

In fact, so popular is the brand, it now boasts six different body styles including a coupe, roadster, four-wheel drive Countryman and practical Clubman.

Frugal engines, iconic design and cheap car insurance ensure Mini cars stand out as an industry leader in the small car segment.

The best classic car chases to make up the top five include gangster thriller Ronin and another Mini-themed chase, this time in the French Connection.

In sixth place was the Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point while at joint seventh, two iconic British-themed films feature some of the most iconic vehicles in film history.

The Great Escape and Steve McQueen's ultimately futile motorcycle chase and the Aston Martin DS5 chase scene in James Bond's Goldfinger took seventh spot.

Meanwhile, the next four films in the top ten all scored the same number of votes. They were; the Blue Brothers Mount Prospect Police Car chase, the Lamborghini in Cannonball run, the BMW in Mesrine and another Bond classic, the Lotus chase in the Spy Who Loved Me.

That particular scene is the only on the list that features an underwater chase after Bond's Lotus converts into a submarine as well as a classic Lotus sports car.

It seems a good chase scene generally means a good automotive film because The Italian Job took the best car film title ahead of Bullitt.

Others on the list includes Le Mans, Herbie, Back to the Future and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The results were found by Footman James for its Classic Film Festival and all of the highlights were screened at the Footman James Classic Motor Show last month.