There has never been a better selection of great new family cars available to the car buying public (that’s you) than the ranges of family cars available from car manufacturers in the UK right now.The past 10 or so years have seen great advances in areas like driver, passenger and safety technology and major leaps in terms of clever vehicle design – making larger vehicles smaller, adding clever storage solutions to family cars, adding strange sliding doors and even doors that open the wrong way to make it easier to get in and out, to name but a few. And then there are the engines – more fuel efficient and smaller petrol engines and cleaner diesel engines as well as hybrid models and shortly even fully electric vehicles.So, as we were saying, there has literally never been a better selection of clever, technologically advanced, fuel efficient family cars, with sliding doors, but with so much selection available today which family car is best for your family?Our new family car buyer’s guides should help you decide which is the best family car for you, and your family of course:Best new family hatchbacksBest new family mini MPV’sBest new family saloonsBest new family estate carsBest new family MPV’sBest new family 4x4’sThank you and goodnight, Content TeamFollow us on Twitter: