For the first of our series of interviews with key figures and players in the automotive industry Askaprice.com caught up with Eddie Shaw, Sales Manager at GoGreenLeasing, one of the UK’s newest and exciting leasing brokers for a quick chat, and a brew.Andrew Beattie: So Eddie, How is July going for you?Eddie Shaw: After a slow start to the month we have been getting busier and busier as people start to look towards the new registration coming out in September.AB: And 2010 so far?ES: So far 2010 has been an incredibly busy year for us. We have almost doubled sales year on year.AB: What are the hot leasing deals at the moment?ES: Our most popular lease vehicle at the moment has to be the Nissan Qashqai. This is down to its excellent practicality and very low monthly rentals.AB: Have you noticed an increase in customer interest in ‘Greener’ car models via leasing?ES: We are seeing demand constantly rising for lower emission vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion. A lot of this is to do with company car drivers wanting to reduce their monthly tax bills but also private individuals are showing more of an interest as with rising fuel costs they are looking to reduce their fuel bills.AB: And is this just for business customers or are personal customers becoming more aware of green car models?ES: As I mentioned previously private customers are becoming more aware of these low emitting vehicles, mainly due to lower running costs, but I also think that more and more people are beginning to look at ways of reducing their carbon footprint and these vehicles are a great place to start.AB: What is the benefit of a customer/company car driver leasing a greener car model over more standard fleet cars?ES: First and foremost – it’s cheaper. Greener cars equal lower running costs in terms of fuel consumption, insurance and maintenance. Even for company car drivers who these costs won’t matter a great deal too, their monthly outgoings can be reduced in the way of tax savings. As the government looks to reduce the whole country’s carbon footprint they are penalising higher emitting vehicles by way of increased taxation and rewarding drivers of low emission vehicles by reduced taxes.AB: What future do you predict for electric, hydrogen fuel cell and plug in hybrid models for leasing customers and company car drivers?ES: I think that they will gradually become commonplace as more of these cars are sold making the technology cheaper and creating a growing infrastructure of charging pointsAB: What are the most exciting green models on the market today?ES: My personal favourite is the Tesla Roadster but in terms of more real world cars the new Honda CR-Z takes some beating.AB: And in the future, which green models do you see a big future for?ES: One to keep your eye on is the Vauxhall Ampera which uses a small petrol engine to constantly charge the electric engine driving the car thus eliminating the need for a charging point. I think this could very well pave the way for a lot of cars for the future.AB: Finally, what makes GoGreenLeasing different from other leasing brokers in the market?ES: We as a company genuinely care about the environment and are striving towards reducing the carbon footprints of ourselves and our customers. Our ‘Environmental Awards’ scheme is part of what we are doing to educate young people on environmental issues.For more information about GoGreenLeasing visit - gogreenleasing.co.uk