Is it a tunnel? Well yes. But it’s also a bus right? Well yes it’s that as well. But what is it then a tunnel or a bus? It’s both, it’s, the Amazing Tunnel Bus (insert your own dramatic mind music here).Straight out of China, a country that was evidently more annoyed about driving behind buses than the rest of the world, or just a little more kooky perhaps, comes this incredible concept, a bus that you can actually drive underneath, which I suspect is where the tunnel aspect of the name comes from.No more waiting then for the number 58 to let old Nora off at the shops, with the tunnel bus you’d drive right underneath saving your best morning curses for a more deserving target.My favourite part about this is that it’s going to be built, like actually made, which is amazing when you consider how entirely crazy it is. Take a look at the video - it’s a doozie.There are obvious question marks with this project, a big crash underneath the tunnel bus spring to mind, but for now I’m far too happy to consider them so I’m off to watch the video again.Have a super weekend!Andrew Head of ContentFollow us on Twitter: