World renowned for its electric supercar credentials, Tesla has carved a name for itself in the alternative fuel vehicle industry as one of the most desirable brands. The launch of its second model, the Model S, and its showroom openings have catapulted Tesla into the limelight.

The brand’s most recent UK showroom to open, in Knutsford, is its third and joins the Birmingham and London showrooms already on the map. Situated in the centre of Knutsford, the Tesla showroom is around the corner from a McLaren store front.

Unlike a conventional dealership or car showroom, all employees at the establishment work exclusively for Tesla - which means each employee is expertly versed on all Tesla products, with many acting as Product Specialists.

A Tesla spokesperson commented on the intent of the Tesla Showroom: “The best way to get a feel for a Tesla is to actually experience it for yourself, get inside it and drive it. That is why we urge people to come to our showroom and take one for a spin."

In addition to the showroom experience being slightly different, Tesla’s maintenance procedures are a little unconventional as well. For example, due to the Model S having “very few moving parts", there are essentially only a few technical problems that can occur – most of which can be rectified and predetermined by Tesla over the internet. This means that Tesla could contact you regarding a potential technical problem before it has even occurred and potentially fix it for you via the internet.

The Tesla Mode S will soon gain a punchier all-wheel drive, dual motor derivative delivering a 0-60mph sprint time of just 3.1 seconds, thanks to a new ‘Insane’ driving mode available. This dual motor Model S will be introduced to the range in around July or August this year.