The Dawn is based on the Rolls-Royce Wraith luxury coupe but several key design changes have been made. The most obvious difference is the swapping of a metal roof for a folding fabric top. The Dawn also has a larger front bumper, a slightly repositioned grille and chrome blades added to the exterior to benefit aerodynamic performance.


Rolls-Royce are keen to emphasise that the Dawn is not simply a Wraith with the roof chopped off. The manufacturer points out that 80 per cent of the exterior body panels are newly designed.

Inside, the Dawn’s interior is largely the same as the Wraith, but a lot of effort has been put in by the Rolls-Royce engineers to give the car excellent cabin insulation. In fact, Rolls-Royce describes the Dawn as “the quietest open top car ever made".


That’s especially impressive when considering that the Dawn uses a large 6.6-litre turbocharged V12 petrol engine producing 563bhp. The Dawn has a recorded 0-62mph sprint time of just 4.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph.

Pricing and launch details for the Rolls-Royce Dawn are currently unconfirmed, but the luxury convertible will reportedly cost about £250,000.