Mazda has introduced a new zero VAT campaign across its Mazda range, essentially cutting 20 per cent from the price of selected models.

Available for the Mazda2 supermini, the Mazda3 hatchback and the Mazda MX-5 sports car, the offer allows customers to save up to £4,000 on higher-price cars, according to the Japanese manufacturer.

From now until February 2012, the Mazda range will be sold without VAT and with a selection of finance offers depending on the deal chosen.

Although this offer is new to most of the Mazda range, it has actually been offered on the Mazda6 model since November. The offer will run up to 31 March 2012 for customers wanting to buy the Mazda6 in either petrol or diesel.

Peter Allibon, sales director, Mazda UK said: "The 'Pay no VAT' campaign makes a really compelling offer to consumers, saving them up to £4,000".

"We are confident that no VAT together with our 0% APR finance offer will attract large numbers of newcomers to the Mazda brand. It will also reward existing Mazda owners, as many of them will be able to benefit from 'zero cost to change' when trading in their current cars for a brand new Mazda".

With VAT at 20 per cent in the UK, the offers represent an aggressive pricing strategy in the run-up to Christmas. It mirrors similar price cuts by car manufacturers in the UK as sales dip and means customers can get a good new car discount if they move quickly.

With these new discounted prices a Mazda2 model can be bought for an on the road price of £8,672, while a new Mazda6 is available for a starting price of £16,695.