This has all been revealed in data collected by the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In terms of best sellers in Britain last year, the Qashqai was only sixth overall with 49,909 registrations. But in regards the most manufactured within this country, the Qashqai crossover is the clear leader.

Within the twelve months of 2014, Nissan built 285,110 examples of its latest Qashqai at its British production plant in Sunderland. That figure far surpasses that achieved by the second most manufactured new car last year, the MINI Hatch. Assembled at MINI’s production plant in Oxford, 178,993 examples of the latest Hatch were rolled out last year.


The third most manufactured new car in Britain last year was the Toyota Auris with 140,068 units built, while another Nissan, the Juke, was fourth with 132,646 built. Rounding up the top five is the Range Rover Evoque, built in Halewood, where 126,707 examples rolled out last year.

When listing the most manufactured cars in Britain by brand, Nissan comes out on top again. Its Sunderland-based plant, which is the biggest car production facility in Britain, produced a total of 500,238 cars in 2014.

Second is Land Rover, which builds cars in Solihull as well as in Halewood, and rolled out 374,355 models last year. Third is MINI which produced 178,993 cars in Britain last year.

Toyota, which manufacturers some of its latest models in Burnaston, was the fourth biggest in Britain last year with 172,215 cars built. Placing fifth for biggest manufacturing brands in Britain last year was Honda. The Japanese company, which has a plant in Swindon, built 121,799 cars there last year.