Called the N Attack package, Nissan’s Nismo racing division has taken the ‘regular’ GT-R Nismo and modified it into a track-capable monster designed specifically for the Nurburgring.


It’s so fast, in fact, that it can tackle the infamous Nordschleife track in an incredible 7:08:679 time, ahead of hypercar glitterati like the McLaren F1, Pagani Zonda F and Gumpert Apollo Sport.

Two versions of the N Attack package are available, with a track-focused A Kit including upgraded suspension and brakes, improved aerodynamics and carbon intercooler piping.

The A Kit also gets dedicated front and rear limited-slip differentials and carbon shell front seats, while the rear seats have been removed altogether to dramatically reduce weight.

For those looking for something a little more liveable, Nissan also offers a B Kit, which keeps the GT-R Nismo’s regular seats and doesn’t include the new front and rear differentials.

Manufactured at Nismo’s Omori Factory, the N Attack package has to be specially ordered from California-based Steve Millen Sportparts, though whether it’ll be distributed in Europe has yet to be announced.