Mercedes has revealed its new ML 63 AMG high-performance SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2011.

The new performance-oriented SUV is a large and powerful addition to the Mercedes range and comes with a 5.5-litre V8 biturbo petrol engine.

The engine delivers 518hp and a 0-62mph capability of 4.8 seconds, an impressive time for a large SUV.

This power is also reflected in its top speed of 155mph. An optional AMG Performance package can be bought to bump up power output to 549hp.

Although the power of this SUV is impressive, its CO2 emissions let it down slightly. The Mercedes gives off 276g/km and only does 23.9 miles per gallon, which means fuel prices, as well as taxes, are going to be expensive.

The Mercedes ML 63 AMG mechanics include some hi-tech features like automatic double-clutch transmission and active roll stabilisation.

Interior wise the Mercedes ML 63 AMG includes standard features like heated leather sport seats, Bluetooth and a colour monitor display.

The Mercedes ML 63 AMG will face tough opposition when it arrives in 2012. The Porsche Cayenne is already established in the premium SUV market, while BMW's M range, in this case the X5 M, is regarded as one of the world's best performance ranges.

Mercedes ML 63 AMG factfile

What is the Mercedes ML 63 AMG?

A new powerful Mercedes SUV with a top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph capability of 4.8 seconds.

When is the new Mercedes SUV on sale?

The new Mercedes SUV is set to be released in spring 2012.

How much will the new Mercedes SUV cost?

Prices have not been announced but it is expected to cost around £80,000.