Research by Budget Car Rental is bound to fan some festive arguments after it found that children would prefer their mum to be behind the wheel than their dad.
The analysis polled its findings from 1,000 British children aged between six and fifteen years old with safety, enjoyment and entertainment the main reasons behind the decision.37 per cent of children chose their mum as she would play better music while 26 per cent said their mum was more likely to play car games with them than their dad.Dads on the other hand were thought to be more likely to have an accident (68 per cent), speed (71 per cent) and take risks (72 per cent) when on the road.Dads were also found to be the angriest parents on the road with 69 per cent of children believing they were more likely to get annoyed at other drivers than their mum.Mothers did however lose out to fathers in the all important skills debate with children agreeing that they were worse than dads at reversing (64 per cent) and parking (61 per cent) while 62 per cent also believed they were more likely to stall.A third of children meanwhile preferred Dad to drive as they were less likely to get lost than their mum.Stuart Liddle, Head of Budget UK, said of the findings, “Children have a unique backseat view of their parent’s capabilities behind the steering wheel and our research defies the nation’s traditional pre-conception that men are the better drivers than women."