Mitsubishi has released a new version of its Shogun off-roader, a seven-seat SUV which thrives in taking on difficult terrain.

The new Shogun has a powerful turbo diesel engine which also complies with the Euro V low emission rules, meaning it releases less CO2 emissions than previous versions.

However, the seven-seat SUV is more likely to appeal to those looking for a rugged workhorse than a 'green' car.

When it comes to off-road capabilities the Shogun offers large 18" alloy wheels, automatic headlights and a brake override system which when the accelerator and brake are hit at the same time will opt for the safer brake option.

It also offers four-wheel drive and choice of either short wheel base or long wheel base. An optional extra includes towing ability which can pull a maximum of 2800kg.

Some identifying features of the new model include a redesigned front grille, wider wheel-arches and upright windscreen (much like a Land Rover).

It also comes with a wide choice of colour including Diamond Black, Frost White, Graphite Brown, Orient Red and Cool Silver.

The Shogun has four different levels of equipment called are called SG2, Warrior, SG3 and SG4 - an update to the previous equipment level names as Mitsubishi aims to make the options easier to understand for first time buyers.

Each level comes with more and more equipment. Some of this equipment includes air conditioning, optional roof rack, stylish interior lighting and optional leather upholstery.

The Mitsubishi Shogun also comes with a three year mileage warranty and a roadside assistance package.

Prices for the new Mitsubishi Shogun start from £29,499.