Premium car brands such as BMW and Mercedes offer the best customer service in the industry, new research shows.

However, Vauxhall and Citroën also fared well, making it into the top ten of car manufacturers with impressive scores for customer service.

Mercedes-Benz was rated the top manufacturer in the industry in the UKCSI survey, published by the Institute of Customer Service this week.

The manufacturer received a top rating of 82.7 points out of 100, closely followed by BMW (81.8) and Honda (80.7).

The survey, compiled every six months, asked 26,000 UK customers to fill in an online survey rating organisations on ten criteria including friendliness and competence of staff, speed of service and handling of problems and complaints.

Mercedes not only topped the automotive manufacturer’s table, but was also included in the top 15 companies overall.

The news will be a further boost for Mercedes after the successful launch of the new E-Class Estate in January 2010.