Despite the reputation of Mercedes-Benz cars, their performance, equipment levels and prestige, its adverts aren’t among the most memorable in the industry.However, with a little digging it turns out that some of the German giant’s offerings because some are stunning:Mercedes-Benz: The right side of pretentious.When starts the process of analysing manufacturers’ adverts we spend a large amount of time trawling YouTube to refresh our sketchy memories.This wasn’t the case for Mercedes-Benz however, as we couldn’t really remember any except for the Benicio Del Toro/Michael Mann collaboration.This puts us in a difficult position: when we found the Mercedes adverts, they were often brilliant;, however if they’re not especially memorable then can you really call them brilliant?I am Mercedes-Benz – Josh BrolinThe first advert from Mercedes is a difficult one to categorise, define or judge in terms of its likely impact on sales, as it focuses on the brand as a whole.What it is, however, is a beautifully-shot, clever piece of film that muses on the presence of Mercedes-Benz in the market place.There’s a brooding tension to the advert that’s encouraged by an eerie foreboding piece of music, dark lighting, rain, mist, fog, dogs and the inclusion of Josh Brolin – who had just starred in No Country for Old Men.As Brolin says: “Presence should be something effortless," which is exactly what Mercedes is illustrating.*This was the first of three adverts in the ‘I am Mercedes-Benz’ series, which also featured Attraction and Ambition – shown to represent two of the other qualities the German marquee possesses. Mercedes has a sense of humour as well as a sense of style and refinement.This advert shows a nice new Mercedes E-Class saloon driving through a picturesque forest road, blocking the road ahead is a milieu of solid metal machinery and vehicles. Death seems unavoidable.Luckily the German manufacturer’s fabled Brake Assist Plus (BAS PLUS) system kicks in and stops a collision automatically.Cue sarcastic comment. Pre-SafeMercedes-Benz is quite proud of its safety innovations and technology, and here we see two guardian angels sitting wistfully on a cloud discussing their jobs. One bemoans the fact that he looks after a Mercedes-Benz driver, for which he’s called ‘a lazy bum’.The idea is simple and it’s also quite funny and relatively clever. – driver alertAnother advert emphasising Mercedes-Benz safety technology and innovation. On this occasion the MB Attention Assist system is the focus.A peaceful, sleep-inducing atmosphere is created by soft music and a night time drive yet the attention assist system won’t allow the driver to fall asleep.A monster leaves first, stretching and cracking his back before being joined on the roadside by a unicorn, an enormous spider, an odd troll woman come Neanderthal and two identical female twins in provocative nurse uniforms.Again it’s an uncomplicated idea but it is entertaining. Unfortunately Mercedes has lost points for gender equality after this advert. Star – SL 500This advert/trailer/short film features Benicio Del Toro and was directed by Michael Mann.It’s an extravagant marketing ploy that is probably one of the most expensive adverts ever made and was shown on TV and in cinemas. Was it worth it? thinks so. It’s always good when manufacturers do something different – and a two and a half minute blockbuster trailer is certainly that.It depicts Del Toro on the run in his Mercedes SL500, it’s made to a very high quality and despite not being a film we still want to go and see it.Bonus points for a good if brief car chase. and HamiltonWith the ongoing saga of the Hamilton/Alonso relationship a talking point from the moment McLaren-Mercedes hired the two, it should come as no surprise that the teammates were paired for this advert.Without doubt it’s the worst advert in the Mercedes-Benz catalogue (even staving off strong competition from the one that used Janis Joplin’s ‘Mercedes-Benz’) and that’s because the German manufacturer has done what it hasn’t done previously – gone gimmicky, gone cheap, gone brash, gone crap.We see Alonso and Hamilton competing in the most trivial of circumstances after a day on the test track, and that is literally it.The only positive can be found in the accurate premonitions made by Mercedes in the advert- the pair of prima donnas went on to bicker and scrap in Formula One for the rest of the season. estate – OperaWe didn’t think it would be fair to finish on such a poor advert so this particular advert is absolutely mad as it showcases a C-Class estate as the main character in a Venetian opera.The C-Class is chased by a wind/tempest that it must outrun, as well as dodging falling trees. In doing so it demonstrates the claim of the strapline: Agility in grand style.The setting is extravagant and obviously dramatic, but rather than condemn the advert for being pretentious and arrogant we at lauds it for doing something a bit different. – MuseumThe final advert is a lesson in advertising.The clever film allows viewers to grasp the prestige of Mercedes’s heritage whilst also showcasing one of the more recent models in the range.In between shots of A Mercedes E-Class is shown driving we’re shown images of a Mercedes-Benz museum packed full of classic Mercedes models before the two themes meet as the E-Class comes smashing through a full length window to join the ranks of the iconic models.It’s saying that the E-Class is a special car, a future classic – which is quite a big claim but the saloons entrance into the museum hall confirms that Mercedes isn’t taking itself too seriously.Mercedes stays just the right side of pretentious and arrogant.