The Jensen Interceptor is returning in 2014 after a British firm was chosen to build the next generation model.

The classic GT from the 1960s and 1970s will be redesigned from scratch and built by UK coach builder CPP Global Holdings, it has been revealed.

A new version of the car will be revealed as early as 2012 and customer deliveries are expected to begin in 2014 according to the owners of the classic car brand, Healey Sports Cars Switzerland.

Despite the European base of the owners, the Jensen Interceptor was originally built in the UK by Jensen Motors and the heritage has been preserved with the latest news the new model was designed in Coventry and will be built at Browns Lane.

The new Jensen Interceptor takes its design cues from the four-seat grand tourer from the past. However, it matches this to modern materials such as an aluminium chassis and body.

A wraparound rear window and a low profile are nods to the previous Jensen Interceptor but inside is expected to be a step up in terms of materials used.

There is no indication of which engines will be used in the Interceptor but a larger unit such as a V8 is likely. Prices and the number of models set to be built will be revealed closer to launch.

Coach builder CPP is a sportscar specialist and recently bought Dutch firm Spyker's sports car arm.

Brendan O'Toole, founder and co-owner of CPP, said: "I started my career by restoring bodies and components for classic British sports cars, so for CPP to take the lead role in reviving this iconic brand is very exciting for the business, and for me personally. holds a wide range of manufacturers and models at the new car quotation website helping you get the best new car deals available in the UK, free of charge. That means you can compare new car prices and get the best new car quotes around.