Infiniti will premiere the latest model in the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) at Paris in the form of the G Cabrio Concept.

The Cabrio concept is based on the sporty G Cabrio that is currently on sale in the US only, but with a number of sporty enhancements and an electric folding hard top.

The Infiniti four-seat concept has been given a range of styling and performance alterations to deliver a more aggressive car than the coupe currently offers.

Available in Malbec Black with garish Monaco red leather interior styling, the cabriolet has been designed to offer a more bespoke feel, in line with the IPL aim.

The cabriolet concept is said to give an insight into the direction Infiniti will take its Japanese line of models, with a focus on up-market performance.

The electric folding hard top takes 25 seconds to lower, and is one of the features that Infiniti states will sum-up the ‘dynamic character’ of the IPL line.

Its exterior has been given a sporting front end with a more aggressive new bumper section, blacked out grille and headlight surround. At the rear, an aerodynamic spoiler has been fitted and the entire concept has been given a lower stance.

Under the bonnet, the concept cabriolet houses a powerful 3.7 litre V6 engine linked to a high-flow dual exhaust system. Combined, the G Cabrio will offer an improved sound as well as reducing exhaust pressure by up to 30 per cent- enhancing engine efficiency.

As a result the Infiniti is capable of reaching 62 mph in six seconds, with a top speed of 168 mph, with the seven speed automatic transmission.

Infiniti has yet to decide whether the IPL brand will be launched in Europe, and this decision will be highly dependent upon the reception the IPL G Cabrio receives at Paris.

Infiniti is a Japanese manufacturer directly derived from its parent company Nissan. Initially Infiniti focussed on the US market, but its gradual expansion has seen it move into the European and Russian markets in recent years.