During the winter months, breakdown organisations report a significant jump in call-outs, particularly for home start issues, so make sure you avoid such problems by following these tips.

For just £25, Skoda retailers up and down the country are offering customers an exclusive seven-point vehicle check, covering the vital aspects for winter safety.

As part of the offer, which is available until March 2015, customers opting for the Skoda Winter Health Check will also receive a free snow shovel or sledge, ensuring that drivers are prepared for any potential snow.

In addition, customers will be entered into an exclusive online draw, which features prizes like £100-worth of John Lewis vouchers.

As part of the Winter Health Check, Skoda technicians will check all of the aspects that are most required in the winter months.

Lights are checked for any blown bulbs and beam alignment so that drivers have the best visibility on the road, which is critical during the short winter days and long winter nights.

Severe weather, along with dirt and grit, puts a heavy burden on wiper blades, so technicians will make sure that they are in good condition and ready to handle the adverse weather.

In addition, a clean, clear windscreen means better visibility, so the vehicle will be topped up with the correct screen-wash fluid that is able to cope with the plummeting temperatures to prevent any dangerous freeze-ups.

Brake discs, pads and fluid levels are inspected as part of the check to ensure perfect operation, as responsive brakes are essential all-year-round.

As air conditioning de-mists a car’s windscreen more quickly and ensures perfect operation, along with keeping the vehicle cool in the summer, this will be checked by Skoda technicians.

The cold weather puts a greater strain on a vehicle’s battery, so this will be checked in order to make sure that it is up to strength.

Skoda technicians will check the condition of your car’s tyres in order to ensure that not only are they legal, but that they are also up to the task of coping with the wetter months.

Should customers wish to make the switch to winter tyres, Skoda retailers will be able to advise them accordingly.