It's been a hectic few days at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. There have been some surprising announcements, some strange ones and best of all some amazing new cars on show.

So what's happened so far? If you've missed out the past few days and want to catch up on all the crazy new vehicles then just carry on reading and check out some of the choice stories.

Many of you will have clicked through to this article because of the gorgeous Toyota Diji prototype photo above. It's equal parts beautiful, unnerving and ever so weird. Toyota is planning on letting people use the entire exterior of the car as a display area of sorts.

People will be able to change the outside design and colour to suit their mood. It can even be used to display advertising, which would work wonders if parked outside a shop and driven around the block every now and again. It even looks like it's possible to show your social network posts on the outside of the car.

I for one would rather stick to a nice simple Toyota Yaris leasing deal or check out car finance quotes than invest in this weird new technology, who knows what the future will bring though. I can't say I'm excited to see the messages that teenagers will be flaunting on the outside of their Diji in a few years though, but I do like the look of it.

Moving on from the Diji let's take a look at what else Geneva had to show us this year. The brilliant Rinspeed Dock+Go was unveiled and wow, it sure did get a lot of attention.

It's a small, funky car that can be fitted with a variety of trailer-like extensions. Appearance wise it almost looks like it could be a futuristic brand new Kia Rio (or something along those lines).

The 'trailers', for lack of a better word, fit onto the back of the car and allow the driver to customize their vehicle with a wide variety of choices. They're almost accessories in their nature, what do you feel like attaching to your car today; a bigger boom box, more boot-space, maybe even a BBQ?

It's starting to look like customization and personalization will be a big deal in the not-too-distant future. Could make for some very interesting vehicles, to say the least!

We're sure that there'll be plenty more concept and prototype cars unveiled this year. So make sure to keep an eye on our blogs and check out more of the latest Geneva Motor Show news. Let us know if you've heard about any great new cars or interesting stories.

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