Ford has promised to refund half of the cost of its winter tyres if there are less than 30 days of temperature below seven degrees Celsius.

If temperatures in January and February pick up, Ford could be suffering a heavy loss on its good deed for the year.

Ford has teamed up with Pirelli to offer customers a full-set of winter tyres for £555- half of which will be refunded if the freezing temperatures are not reached between the 1 January and 28 February 2011.

The offer applies to 195/6015 cold weather Pirelli’s bought and registered at Ford dealerships before the end of the year.

Paul Muers, marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division, said: “Until recently, British drivers haven’t had the option of cold weather tyres – something which is the norm in other European countries.

“With Pirelli, we’re changing that and giving drivers the chance to fit cold weather tyres – and we’re so confident of the benefits, we will refund them half the cost if the winter stays warm!"

Ford is correct in that winter tyres have been a non-entity in the UK before last year, however with the UK suffering its earliest snowfall in 17 years demand is set to outweigh supply with Kwik-Fit already fitting more than 2,200 winter tyres each week.

Snow and ice is expected to grip the UK in the next two weeks with temperatures already reaching a record low of -18 in South Wales. holds a range of new Ford cars, including the ever-popular Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

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