The new Ford S-Max and Galaxy models, set to be released this month, will be offered with the option of a Blind Spot Information System for the first time, it was revealed today.

The system uses radar technology to determine if there is a vehicle in the blind spot. Once a vehicle is detected, an LED on the wing mirror warns the driver not to switch lanes or change direction.

Both the S-Max and Galaxy will be fitted with the system at an extra cost of £325, making them the first Ford models to boast the technology.

Ford plans to offer the multi-beam radar system in the new Ford C-Max and Focus when they are released within the next year.

Dr Torsten Wey, Ford's driver assistance technologies supervisor, said: “With its distinctive warning light, this system helps drivers to think twice before switching lanes or changing direction without checking their blind spot, hopefully preventing a collision or a near miss."

The Blind Spot Information System can be used at slow speeds in urban areas or on motorways at higher speeds, says Ford.