CeBIT, the world's largest IT fair unveiled an incredible 'shrinking' car on Tuesday. Scientists at the fair know that space is a premium, here's hoping that this new technology will help out with hectic city-centre parking problems.

The modern, futuristic two-seater 'EO' isn't exactly a large car in the first place, but has dazzled onlookers with its ability to shrink. The sleek blue vehicle is a mere seven feet (2.1 metres) long and can reduce its length by 50 whole centimetres.

A whole host of other features have been showcased; wheels that can turn fully in a circle (so as to park sideways), built-in sensors, a self-driving capability so the car can be summoned by smart phone and a strange 'Transformers'-like feature that allows it to connect to similar cars.

This conga of cars can grow to 20-vehicles long, all of which are driven by the person in the front car. In this configuration they all automatically share the energy available. The energy is drawn from two batteries fixed into the vehicle which can be charged by the wheels turning, although its top speed is only 35MPH.

Timo Birnschein, from the German Centre for Artificial Intelligence, is the project leader and is particularly excited about the cars ability to drive itself to the owner; "If you are in the office, you can press a button on your smart phone and it will come and pick you up. We already have the technology to do this. It will be happening in five to six years"

Of course, it may be a while till the EO is road legal - we're betting that a bunch of you tech-head-car-aficionados are just itching to get your hands on one.

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