The trial by Highways England (HE) will be launched on a southbound section of the M5 motorway between Bristol and Exeter. The move is designed to encourage competition on pump prices.

Drivers travelling down the affected part of the M5 will be able to view the new electronic signs to be informed on the cost of unleaded and diesel fuel from each upcoming service station. This gives the drivers the chance to pick the cheapest location to fill up.

These electronic signs will details the fuel prices at service stations in Gordano, Sedgemoor, Bridgwater, Taunton Deane and Exeter.


This scheme on the southbound section of the M5 will start in spring next year and initially run for 18 months. If the scheme proves successful, then Highways England may apply more of the electronic signs nationwide.

The HE Chief Highways Engineer, Mike Wilson, said: “Providing fuel price information is an important part of a bigger picture - we want road users to be more informed and in better control of their journeys.

“This means they'll be better prepared, more inclined to plan breaks and have a positive driving experience."

Roads minister Andrew Jones commented: “The Government is on the side of the honest motorists who have raised concerns for too long about petrol prices at motorway service stations.

“This trial will allow drivers to be much better informed about the cost of fuel and make it easier to plan their breaks around the cheapest deals."