Audis popular A4 model has been given an update with tweaks to the design, new interior and some new engine options.

With Audi's A4 being its best seller for 39 years, selling ten million models in total, the premium saloon is being refreshed to keep it fresh and maintain its challenge for supremacy in the executive saloon sector.

To do this is must take on the BMW 3-Series and as a result, Audi has updated both the design and the engine choices for the A4.

By just looking at the new A4 it is clear that features of the new body design, such as the bonnet being more arched, give it a more stylish appeal.

The new Audi design is highlighted inside with new selection of steering wheels with chrome inlays, high gloss finishes.

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of luggage space with a maximum of 962-litres available. There is also a new media system with a CD/radio, and colour monitor with a DVD player.

The new A4's most economical engine is its 2.0-litre diesel which is capable of 67.3 miles per gallon. This means that consumption levels have fallen by 11 percent as Audi chases BMW's low-consumption EfficientDynamics range.

A new suspension system also gives the A4 better ability to deal with uneven surfaces on the road. New driver assistance is also included on the new model with things like a break recommendation system and adaptive cruise control.

A sportier model of the A4, the Audi S4, is also offered in the new model range. This model includes an impressive sportier engine which has a top speed of 155mph and stylish bumpers and colours.

The prices for the new A4 models will be confirmed soon and are expected to be more or less the same as the current A4 range.