We may still be in 2012, but time flies in the car industry and it'll be 2013 before you know it. So, what are the top 10 cars which are most likely to sizzle and fire up the industry next year?

The Pagani Huayra


Difficult to pronounce, illusive to get a hold of and about as expensive as any car before it, the Pagani Huayra has been on our radar for a couple of years now, but we're still not able to buy one. It's due to go on sale in 2013 and, trust us, it will take the supercar world by storm when it does.

If your bank balance has more than £1 million in it, why not get your name down? You know you want to...

The Audi RS4


The first Audi RS4 was pretty much the most ideal car you could envisage: pretty, four-wheel-drive, four-doors, saloon and a V8 with over 400bhp. It was a right cracker, but seeing as BMW has now upped its game with the fantastic M3, Audi needs to do something spectacular after the disappointment that was the RS5.

The power is there. We just need to hope that Audi focuses on making the RS4 a car that can actually go around corners without biblical understeer.

The BMW M3 Performance


BMW are a right pain in the bum sometimes. They bring out a new car and then, what seems like six months later, they change the look of it. But, with the latest 3-Series - which has been amended again - it seems like BMW has done a good job.

That means the up-and-coming M3 will be very, very good, too. And, quite frankly, it has to be. BMW's name rests upon the M3 being successful and critically acclaimed, so we'll see what they can come up with.

The Dodge Viper

According to reports the 2013 Dodge Viper will have an 8.4-litre V10 with 700hp. That's an8.4-litre V10 in 2013. Have you ever heard of an engine so ridiculously big in this day and age with all the social pressure to go green? Dodge has done a brilliant job to somehow avoid the latest emissions criteria (they clearly didn't receive the memo).

The Land Rover Defender

The trusty Land Rover Defender has basically stayed unchanged since its conception, and that's why people love it! It's rugged, tough, simple and cheap, but now Land Rover fancies a change - and it's a big change.

The Land Rover Defender concept unveiled a few months ago is, apparently, going to be the basic look for the next Defender. So, how will that sit with the Defender's purist fan-base?

The Tesla Model S

It may sound like an old 30s Ford, but Tesla's 2013 Model S is being touted as the next big thing for electric cars. With battery technology improved on almost a weekly basis, it seems Tesla are at the forefront of the electric car movement, and the Model S promises even more electric-wonderfulness. Plus, if it goes anything like it looks, then we'll be happy!

The Ford Escape


Like the Ford Kuga? It's a nice car, no doubt. But what if you want a Kuga, but it's just not big enough? Ford has you covered with the beautiful 2013 Ford Escape. It's unconfirmed if the Escape will be coming to the UK, but if the Blue Oval has any sense about them they'll give the Escape a ship's passage to our shores.

Hyundai Genesis


It's surprising that a Hyundai has made the list but, truth be told, the company is on a bit of a roll. We had to include the Genesis, just look at it! According to reports, the 2013 Genesis will boast around 275hp, so it will have the power to match those looks. Keep it up, Hyundai!

The Honda Civic Type-R


We've been promised that a hot version of the latest Honda Civic will be coming, and there are reports in the industry which suggest 2013 will be the year the Type-R finally graces us with its presence. There's no word on performance or even how it'll look yet, but watch this space; it is coming...

The McLaren Mega Mac?

McLaren have been teasing us for a good year now about its so-called 'Mega Mac' project. Basically, this supercar is going to be the successor to the legendary 1990s world-beater, the F1, and if it's anything like the aforementioned, then it's going to be as superlative as anything you'll have ever dream of. We're not sure if it'll be with us in 2013, but here's hoping.

Thank you to Louis Rix, motoring enthusiast and marketing director at carfinance247.co.uk for contributing this article.

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