An MPV is easily the best choice for those in the UK who want a spacious vehicle that can fit in a growing family or transport their local football team.

With a lot of MPVs on the UK market in 2016, it can be hard to choose the right one for you – especially considering models come in different sizes and offer five or seven seats.

Have no fear though, we’re here to give you our picks of the UK’s best MPV models to buy in 2016.

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer


Straight off the bat, the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is one of the best models to buy in the UK if you’re looking for an MPV. It’s spacious, it’s stylish and it’s flexible for whatever needs you have in 2016.

With seven seats inside, the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer has more than enough room to fit in whatever you need to, whether that be people or shopping. This makes it perfect for potential MPV buyers in the UK this year.

The award-winning Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is available in numerous trim levels, with all coming well specced from the off.

No matter which version of the MPV you choose from in the UK, the Zafira Tourer comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, front and rear parking distance sensors, cruise control, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, USB and aux-in connectivity, and mobile phone system with Bluetooth.

If you opt for the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer as your MPV of choice in 2016, you can be sure that you and your family will be safe within. As standard, the MPV features driver’s, front passenger’s, front seat side-impact and full-size curtain airbags.

With numerous strong engines at its disposal, especially the diesel units, you can be sure that the Zafira Tourer will be able to carry you and your family from A to B with ease. That’s even considering you can pack up to 1,860 litres of luggage and other stuff in the car!

You can see why we think the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is one of the UK’s best MPV models to buy in 2016.

Ford Galaxy


Ford always seems to appear in these lists, and there’s good reason why. They really do make some of the best and most easily accessible cars in the UK market. When it comes to MPVs, the Ford Galaxy is no exception.

What makes the Galaxy one of the best MPV models to buy in the UK in 2016 is its ample space, flexible luggage space and all of the tech goodies that you could need.

The Ford Galaxy is full of nifty little features that make it a great choice for MPV customers in the UK. For example, the new EasyFold with Power Raise features means that you can fold the seats up and down at the press of a button. It really is that easy!

That’s not all though, when it comes to equipment, the Ford Galaxy is definitely one of the UK’s best MPV models in 2016. Standard kit includes 17-inch alloys, dual-zone air conditioning, Ford SYNC 2 with Bluetooth, voice control, eight-inch touch-screen and DAB audio, front and rear parking sensors, sports seats, and more.

So just how much luggage capacity does the Galaxy have then? Well in seven-seat mode, you’ll have 300 litres of space, while putting the back two seats down will give you a maximum of 1,301 litres of luggage capacity. Two-seat mode increases this even further to a whopping 2,339 litres.

If you’re looking for a spacious MPV in the UK that drives well and still features a lot of handy gadgets for you to play with, then the Ford Galaxy is certainly one of the best choices in 2016.

Ford S-MAX


Yes that’s right, it’s another Ford… but can you blame us when they make such great MPVs? The Ford S-MAX is certainly no exception to this, with the model definitely earning the right for a mention when discussing what the best MPV in the UK in 2016 is.

The main difference between the Ford S-MAX and the Galaxy is the size – the S-MAX is essentially the middle brother in the MPV range, after the C-MAX.

Standard spec is similar to that of the Galaxy listed above. In case you can’t be bothered scrolling up, equipment for S-MAX includes the likes of dual-zone air-con, SYNC 2 with an eight-inch touch-screen, Bluetooth and voice control, front and rear parking sensors, and more.

Although not quite as big as the Galaxy, the Ford S-MAX is still a spacious MPV and one of the best choices for UK customers in 2016.

Depending on whether you’re in seven-, five- or two-seat mode, the Ford S-MAX MPV will offer a maximum luggage capacity of 285, 965 or 2,020, respectively.

One of the main reasons for opting for the S-MAX over another MPV in 2016 is its styling. The Ford S-MAX may be packed with tech on the inside, but the outside wows too with sleek, contemporary styling.

We have to also mention that its great drive and handling are yet another reason why it features on our list of the UK’s best MPV models to buy in 2016.

SEAT Alhambra


If you want a sleek and stylish MPV to carry your family around the UK in but don’t want the Ford S-MAX, then how about the SEAT Alhambra in 2016? It certainly is one of the best MPVs on the market this year.

To paraphrase SEAT, the Alhambra really does make long journeys feel shorter, thanks to the host of space and tech at its disposal.

Let’s start with the space. The SEAT Alhambra MPV offers 267 litres of space when all seven seats are up, increasing to 658 litres with the back two folded down and a massive 2,297 litres with all put the front seats folded down.

In terms of the car’s interior, you can be sure that the Alhambra’s upholstery is child-proof and comfortable, thanks to a range of high quality leather and cloth within.

All versions of the SEAT Alhambra also come well equipped in the UK, with standard kit including 16-inch alloys, comfort front seats, three-zone climate control, steering wheel mounted audio and phone controls, a plethora of airbags, and Media System Plus.

Media System Plus is a brilliant feature that comprises a 6.5-inch colour touch-screen, Bluetooth audio streaming, voice recognition, MP3-compatible CD player with USB and aux-in ports, and eight speakers. One of the best in-car multimedia systems in the UK car market.

The SEAT Alhambra is certainly one of the best choices for an MPV in the UK in 2016. While it may be a touch pricier than some other models on this list, it definitely makes up it with an excellent standard specification.

Kia Carens


It may have the least expensive price tag on this list, but that doesn’t mean that the Kia Carens sacrifices quality or ride and handling. Its stylish looks, good level of standard kit and affordable price make it one of the best MPV models to buy in the UK in 2016.

As well as looking good on the outside, the Kia Carens also impresses within, thanks to standard kit like air conditioning, Bluetooth with Voice Recognition & Music Streaming, USB and AUX ports, cruise control, and Flex Steer, which offers ‘Normal’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Sport’ driving modes.

Now we’ve got the gadgets out of the way, let’s talk about how much room is available for you, your family and whatever you buy on a weekly basis from the shops in 2016.

With all five seats in position, the Kia Carens offers a maximum luggage capacity of 492 litres, which can be increased to 1,650 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

So you can be sure that the Kia Carens would be one of the best choices of model if you really do want an MPV to drive around the UK in this year.

If you need a little more convincing, then how about the fact that the Carens comes with Kia’s industry-leading seven-year warranty? It’s definitely the best warranty available in the UK car market.

It really comes down to how much you would like to spend on an MPV, but we assure you that choosing a Kia Carens, or anything else on this list, would be a great choice in 2016.