Negotiating the very best deal for your new car or van when visiting a dealership can seem by some to be a daunting and stressful proposition but it really needn’t be. The following guide should help you negotiate your way to the very best possible deal for your new car or van:

Before heading to the dealership remember to:

  • Research online – Before you head out to a dealership you should find out what discounts are available on the cars that you are interested in purchasing. Find out the types of car, and the minimum specification that you will need for your next vehicle. This information will help to keep you on track during negotiations.
  • Eat – You may well be out at dealerships for a number of hours and the last thing you want is to have a sudden pang of hunger midway through your negotiations.

When faced with a car sales person remember:

  • Stay cool, calm and collected – You’ll find it much easier to negotiate if you remain calm throughout. Remember that you are fully in control.
  • If you find that the sales person is aggressive or pushy then stand up and leave – Although this is not likely to happen in a modern dealership, if you feel you are being pushed into a sale then leave straight away – only when both sides are happy can a mutually beneficial deal be struck.
  • Always have in mind the level of specification and the type of car you need and the exact budget that you have to pay – Don’t compromise on this, you have done your research and know what you need to pay and if you are offered a lower specification car then the price should absolutely reflect this.
  • The first price offered is always negotiable – Start low with what you are prepared to pay and let the sales person negotiate up rather than the other way around. Only ever go as high as you can afford to spend.
  • Appear committed to buying a new car – A car sales person will always be willing to negotiate if you seem as if you will buy a car as he will not want to miss out on what he feels will be a sale.
  • Take risks and set ultimatums – If you feel that you are close to a deal then tell the dealer exactly what price it will take for you to buy the car that you want today, and then sit back.
  • Always be prepared to walk away from a deal – If you don’t reach a deal that you are comfortable with then walk away as there will always be another dealership that can help you.

It's worth remembering throughout your negotiation that your local dealership and its sales employees are trained in the sales process and treat every sales opportunity (that's you!) in much the same way. As such, they will try and lead you down a set process and push for a deal whenever possible in this process. Remain in control using the above techniques and tips and the process should never get away from you. If in any doubt, walk away.